A list of AI companies in Edinburgh

AI Companies in Edinburgh

As of December 2020, 31% of all job roles in Edinburgh were in the tech sector, making it easily the city’s fastest-growing sector.

  Scottish start-ups are not to be sniffed at although they rarely make UK headlines as much as English startups. Edinburgh of course has its fair share, including AI startups.

There’s also a huge need for upskilling and tech education. An example might be CodeBase, an incubator and base with the ambition to develop the world's first digital skills programme. The project is based in Edinburgh, Scotland, and aims to be the best incubator helping to develop the next generation of startups working across all digital industries, as well as in artificial intelligence, in the UK.

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Making cybernetic awesome for elder mobility

BioLiberty is an exciting, combined robotics and AI startup, robotic glove based on AI technology could soon be helping millions of people recover muscle grip in their hands. The glove is aimed at the 2.5 million people living in the UK who suffer from hand weakness because of muscle mass loss as they age or due to illnesses such as Multiple sclerosis, motor neurone disease and carpal tunnel syndrome.

  The lightweight glove is the first product from BioLiberty, a Scottish start-up founded by four recent engineering graduates from Heriott-Watt University. The technology is expected to help with a wide range of day-to-day tasks including opening jars, driving and pouring a cup of tea. That’s the best use of AI and robotics ever, so far. Hey - it’s nice that someone’s focusing on AI and human mobility working together, rather than AI robots that could kill other humans.


AI making snow on the line a late train excuse of the past

You might have already heard about them. LenzLabs was founded by the former members of the original University of Edinburgh’s Hyperloop Team that came up with the magnetically levitating pods inside tubes as an underground cargo solution. the best competing Hyperloop team in the UK, having received awards from SpaceX, Virgin, the Institution of Civil Engineers and of course, Hyperloop One. Now working together as LenzLabs, and using artificial intelligence, they have developed technology which allows trains to grip the track better. Their unique technology helps trains run continuously irrespective of the time, or crucially - weather. Their groundbreaking AI technology could provide reliability and performance benefits to railroads without any additional infrastructure, massively reducing costs. Designed to retrofit, LenzLabs have created a solution that could genuinely bring the ageing rail networks into the 21st century without the controversial sums of public spending this usually entails.

Net AI

Help Finding Information Online

Net AI is a real-time network analytics company that offers scalable artificial intelligence-based solutions to support the effective management and monetisation of 4G/5G mobile networks. This deep tech company’s cloud-native ‘Microscope’ solution helps telecom companies in generating significantly higher profit margins. It revolutionises cloud-based virtual network management via real time AI-driven analytics.

  Net AI formed in 2020 as a spin-out from the University of Edinburgh, building on years of research at the intersection of mobile networking and deep learning, conducted at one of Europe's leading computer science research centres.

Space Intelligence

Looking at the world from up above to apply AI down below

Space Intelligence turns satellite data into actionable information, helping governments, companies and NGOs worldwide make better environmental decisions. In October 2020 they were voted the 8th most innovative tech company in Scotland, in the Business Cloud’s Tech Top 50. Space Intelligence uses AI in their advisory and as the raw materials for better decision making at the highest levels. Specifically, SI is able to help other businesses and organisations accurately classify satellite imagery, implement large scale environmental IoT or sensor monitoring programmes. Their work has gone on to help with the efforts of conservation, including the AI creation of unique maps of habitats, carbon storage and restoration opportunities. Their experience spans Africa, Asia and the Americas, with AI work undertaken for multinational companies and major NGOs, as well their local Scottish Wildlife Trust.

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